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Suitable Wallets


Suitable Exchanges/DEX

Reminder: The exchanging of tokens with can only be used by registered WorldTTT members. If you are not a registered member, then you run a risk of losing your sent tokens. WorldTTT only trades the specific pair TTT native reward token to TTT Game token, TTT/TTT(GT). Please remember TTT has a fixed exchange rate of 1 to 100, meaning 1 TTT native reward token is worth a 100 TTT game token.

How it works: Members will have to either scan or copy the wallet address of the token they’re sending for exchange. Once sent to WorldTTT the amount is calculated and sent back in the opposite token. After tokens have been sent from your wallet app, you can then proceed to key in the amount sent below the QR codes, followed by your registered email address, then click send message to alert of your recent trade request. After worldTTT has verified all the information given, the trade will proceed and whatever token you sent in you’ll receive the opposite. So for example, if you sent in 5 TTT, you’ll receive back 500 TTT(GT) in your Cashtab wallet. 



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