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WorldTTT crypto board game is an existing new competitive board game, played with crypto tokens. Move around the board trading crypto tokens with your opponents, collect it all as a cryptocurrency trader. Travel around the board to buy, sell, stake and trade the latest cryptocurrency up for grabs. Go head to head against opponents by claiming TTT(GT) on owned cryptocurrency to strategically claim victory! Buy, sell, stake and trade your way to the top. Each game transaction is recorded on the Blockchain. There are many ways to get what you want. So get on GAC and trade your way to success!

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(Trinity Trust Token)

Suitable Exchanges/DEX

Suitable Wallets

eToken & eCash wallet

Suitable Exchanges/DEX

eToken & eCash DEX
eToken & eCash DEX

Reminder: The exchanging of tokens with can only be used by registered WorldTTT members. If you are not a registered member, then you run a risk of losing your sent tokens. WorldTTT only trades the specific pairs, TTT(Trinity Trust Token) native reward token to TTT/TTT(GT), TTT/TTT(S), TTT/TTT(G). Please keep in mind that TTT has a different unique set exchange rate for each trading pair, this can be viewed here or down further down this page.

Trinity Trust Token / Trinity Trust Token(Game Token)-TTT(GT) = 1/100

Trinity Trust Token / Trinity Trust Token(Silver)-TTT(S) = 1/10

Trinity Trust Token / Trinity Trust Token(Gold)-TTT(G) = 1/1

Please Note: can exchange a maximum of 7,500TTT native reward token from each member every month. Members can exchange unlimited amount of Trinity Trust Token(Game Token)-TTT(GT), Trinity Trust Token(Silver)-TTT(S), Trinity Trust Token(Gold)-TTT(G).

How it works: Members will have to either scan or copy the wallet address of the token they’re sending for exchange. Once sent to WorldTTT the amount is calculated and your chosen token is sent back to your wallet. After tokens have been sent from your wallet app, you can then proceed to key in the amount sent below the QR codes, followed by your registered email address, then click send message to alert of your recent trade request. After WorldTTT has verified all the information given, the trade will be processed and you’ll receive your chosen token sent back to your wallet. For example, if you sent in 5 TTT from your zapit or psf wallet, you’ll receive back 500 TTT(GT) in your Cashtab wallet. For any assistance, you can find us on Telegram.



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STRIKE A WIN EVERYTIME is a fun competition anyone can take part in. Simply check to see what reward is up for grabs down below and send the required amount of TTT. Next send in the form within the given time to grab your win. Please note all winners will be announced on Twitter, Telegram and
Wallet Address: simpleledger:qpvq4u67x4fa276t8gsrday4nugzgm5ccu4usawss8
Send 1,000TTT to the provided wallet address and fill out the form below to claim this reward.

The CryptoVault AKA”vault” is the place where all our crypto assets rewards are kept, we might as well call it the rewards vault. The vault holds all the crypto assets rewards sent to those who take part in Worldttt competitions. Those who take part get to win a random percentage of the vault reward assets. The vault is updated every hour to give a live update of the volume of the assets in the vault. All assets in the vault, TTT(GT), TTT(S), TTT(G), BCH, XEC, KMD, XRP Interested in getting your hands on the vaults reward? Scroll up now and strike a win every time… see what I did there no seriously, scroll up and secure your win by entering strike a win every time