About Us

WorldTTT stands at the forefront of innovation and R&D in the realm of cryptocurrency education and entertainment. Originating from a desire to connect those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, our founders, led by Joshua Odunwo, crafted engaging demonstrations, evolving into the groundbreaking WorldTTT board game. This unique gaming experience, the world’s first cryptocurrency-based board game, seamlessly merges competitive excitement with an introduction to the cryptosphere.

After rigorous testing by board game enthusiasts, including those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, WorldTTT is poised for a full launch. Beyond gaming, our commitment to education is evident through annual university tournaments, crypto safety talks, and appearances at the UK Games Expo. We actively bridge the gap between civilians and crypto infrastructures, anticipating the integration of blockchain systems like CBDC in G7 countries.

Our ethos revolves around safety, education, and engagement. Seeking partnerships with like-minded companies valuing crypto security, we invite collaboration to achieve our vision. A forthcoming Kickstarter campaign further underscores our commitment to innovation. As a forward-thinking company, you’ll appreciate our blockchain integration, which enhances security, transparency, and trust within the gaming ecosystem. For inquiries and potential collaboration, contact Joshua at joshua@worldttt.com. For internships and other opportunities, reach out to contact@worldttt.com.

WorldTTT is more than a board game; it’s a transformative journey into the future of cryptocurrency education and entertainment. Join us as we navigate the cosmos of innovation, where even the moon is purple.