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TTT – Trinity Trust TokenXEC – eCash
Token ID:
Version: eToken Type1 (Specification)
Name: Trinity Trust Token
Symbol: TTT
Creator: d07d686f60842c01f1d314f37e2f5e57e41a132b2f51afc7c4f62c809136b936
Circulating Supply: 99999999999.00 TTT
Tokens Minted: 99999999999.00 TTT
Tokens Burned: 0
Timestamp: 12/07/2023 10:00:50 PM (UTC -00:00)
Decimals: 2
Document URI:
Block Created: 821632
Circulating Supply: 19,224,910,923,303 
Total Supply: 21,000,000,000,000
Max Supply: 21,000,000,000,000
Blockchain: eCashBlockchain: eCash
Suitable Wallets: Cashtab.comSuitable Wallets:, Electrum ABC,,,,,,,,,
Exchanges:Exchanges: Binance, CoinEx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Trinity Trust Token – TTT 

Trinity Trust Token is a simple ledger protocol token, better known as SLP token. Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) uses the meta data in OP_RETURN for the issuance and transfer of tokens in conjunction with standard transaction outputs that each represent a number of token units specified by the sender. Consensus on the interpretation of the OP_RETURN outputs is achieved by token users and market participants adhering to a prescribed set of simple rules.

Because SLP builds on the transaction chain of the existing Bitcoin framework, users can easily verify transactions with SPV/light wallets within practical boundaries. Full validation of a transaction back to its token genesis is possible by supplementing existing transaction-retrieval infrastructure with integration of SLP consensus rules.

This token can be used for a plethora of things. WorldTTT uses it as a board game component, forever registered on the blockchain allowing players to send and receive TTT. The token is also used specifically to reward members of the board game and those who hold TTT in their wallets, using XEC airdrops.

TTT can be stored on which is made available to members via the WorldTTT board game app. The TTT token uses a specific wallet address better known as a eCash & eToken wallet address, because it allows you to receive both TTT and XEC using the same wallet address. Keep in mind for every token transaction comes a transaction fee or gas fee, and it’s no different for TTT, our transaction fee is payed in ‘XEC’ and is relatively cheap compared to other blockchains like Ethereum (ETH).

WorldTTT BoardGame 

WorldTTT Board Game is a physical board game, played with cryptocurrency tokens. Each transaction within the game is recorded on the Blockchain. WorldTTT board game is the first of it’s kind. 

Board Game Members 

Board Game Members are registered members with a verified board game code. This code comes with the worldttt board game. Members with this status will get token deals and relevant promotions on game tokens and other rewards up for grab will be sent to them first. 

BoardGame Game Token

The board game token is as stated, they are token used specifically in our WolrdTTT board game. They are used to play against your opponent, in your quest to retrieve all there tokens so you can be victorious. This tokens can also be held for reward such as XEC airdrops, by those registered on the website with a board game member statues. The game tokens known as Trinity Trust Token – TTT runs on top of the eCash network and has a unique token ID: d07d686f60842c01f1d314f37e2f5e57e41a132b2f51afc7c4f62c809136b936. TTT is stored on the web application known as


The present WorldTTT is made up of a physical board game merge with a digital crypto token, that runs smoothly. We look to give our current setup more exposure, in the mainstream board game market as a competitive boardgame. Our long term goal is to have the WorldTTT board game fully online and played online by people across the world. Achieving this is one of our company’s goals. We believe crypto token and gaming go hand in hand and plan to bring the freedom of that world into reality. 

Reward system 

The rewarding system we’ve opted for involves, members voting within our Telegram channel on the prizes that should be distributed to members, once decided members holding TTT(G) will be rewarded with the amount of XEC airdrop voted on. TTT(G) is only sent to members who own the game or have impacted the WorldTTT community positively.

Monthly Airdrops for TTT holders

XEC is Airdropped to holders of TTT every month. The amount of tokens held by members will determine how much XEC is Airdropped. The airdrop go directly to all Cashtab wallet that holds TTT. If you hold TTT you’ll receive a monthly airdrop of XEC directly to your wallet on the 7th of each month. The amount of XEC distributed will be determined by how much TTT you hold.

XEC Monthly Members Reward

Coming soon…..


Our website is used in putting out key information about our company and also updating our members and community about what is taking place over the coming months.


The social side of our business model is key for us connecting with members and players of the WorldTTT crypto board game. We believe together is better, and have set out to organise and run social events, informing members on cryptocurrency and staying safe.

Exchanges &  Apps 

WorldTTT Board Game App

QR Code for WorldTTT BoardGame App

Consensus Model

SLP utilizes a model that could be described as Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Trust.

Meta data, while prunable, is still part of Bitcoin blocks — time-stamped and ordered in the immutable ledger via Proof-of-Work. However, like most OP_RETURN based approaches, what SLP sees as valid data is not segregated from what it considers invalid. Although unambiguously ordered to prevent double-spending, the data must be filtered according to a set of rules that all participants agree on.

In many ways, this is not different than how Bitcoin itself operates. Users must stay together on the same set of consensus rules to maintain their network effect. The possibility to diverge is always present, with the market being the ultimate judge of how much value each ruleset holds.

In a pure Proof-of-Work model, byzantine fault tolerance is achieved via economic incentives combined with incompatible-by-design sets of data. By contrast, SLP relies on a minimalistic set of rules overlayed onto the support of the PoW backbone.

With transaction ordering taken care of by the underlying Bitcoin Cash blockchain, users simply have to use the same rules as a matter of convention. Those rules will be defined by the concordance of:

Transaction ID/tx: Transaction ID or some times refered to as TX is the block hash you get after you have placed a transaction on to the Blockchain, this can confirms that you have sent a particular amount of tokens to a wallet address and is under going confirmation.

Wallet address A Wallet address allows you to receive crypto. A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that enables you to store, access and interact with your coins and can be considered as the crypto version of a bank account. Your wallet address is a unique string of numbers and letters (also called a public key) that people can use to send you cryptocurrency, and which is used on the blockchain to verify transactions. It can also be thought of as the crypto version of your bank account’s IBAN or SWIFT CODE in that it’s only used as an identifying number.

Centralized exchange (CEX) Centralized exchanges are platforms which facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrency, either for fiat currencies, like the US dollar, or between digital assets, like BTC and ETH. They function as trusted intermediaries in trades, and often act as custodians by storing and protecting your funds.

Decentralized exchange (DEX) A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a digital currency exchange that allows users to buy crypto through direct, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions, all over a online platform without an intermediary.

a) this specification

b) a reference implementation (Electron Cash SLP wallet)

c) token issuers