Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if a player’s XEC runs out during the game?

A: The owner of the board should send 700XEC to the fellow player from their storage wallet.

Q: What happens if I lose my phone?

A: Simply use your stored seed phrase to retrieve your wallets on your new device.

Q: How can I sign up for future tournaments?

A: Simply head to the events page, where all forth coming tournaments will be displayed

Q: When will the WorldTTT board game be available for purchase?

A: The game will be officially launched on the 31st of May 2024 and made available to buy

Q: What happens if the original 30,000XEC given runs out?

A: Simply use the WorldTTT.com website to obtain more XEC. Please note that you can purchase XEC through the site for as little as £1.

Q: What happens if my phone camera isn’t working or showing up error?

A: Simply ask your opponent to copy their wallet address and send it via text or a chat channel like telegram or Whatsapp


Wallet: A crypto wallet enables users to send and receive cryptocurrency transactions.

Wallet address: Every crypto wallet includes a unique public identifier called an address, a randomly generated string of characters used to send or receive cryptocurrency transactions to wallets. A wallet address is also known as a ‘Public Key’ and can be shared with different contacts, like an email address.

Blockchain: Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions. A digital database containing information (such as records of transactions)

Cryptocurrency: A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency secured by cryptography.

Transaction fee, AKA Gas fee: A gas fee is a blockchain transaction fee paid to network validators for their services to the blockchain.

eTokens: Digital tokens that can be traded.

Airdrop: Airdrops refer to crypto projects sending tokens or other digital assets to reward their communities and generate excitement.

Swap: Crypto swap refers to the process of directly exchanging a cryptocurrency with another without the involvement of any crypto-to-fiat exchange.

HODL: HODL, or “hold on for dear life,” means hanging onto your digital assets regardless of what the market is doing.

Whale: Refers to individuals or entities that hold large amounts of cryptocurrency.

MOON: Moon is a slang term commonly used in crypto community spaces. It describes a steady, continuous upward movement of the price of a cryptocurrency asset.

Bagholder: A bagholder is an informal term used to describe an investor who holds a position in a cryptocurrency that decreases in value until it descends into worthlessness.

BTD(BUY THE DIP): BTD is an acronym for “Buy the Dip.” It’s spoken between traders to suggest buying a specific cryptocurrency during a price dip.

Saved Wallets: The place to gain access to all your created wallets.

New Wallet: Allows you to create new crypto wallets.

Import wallet: Allows users to import their already existing wallets onto new devices.

Contact List: List of saved wallet addresses you received crypto from.

Fiat Currency: Fiat money is a government-issued currency.

Seed Phrase: A seed phrase is a sequence of random words that stores the data required to access or recover crypto wallets.